Ebook Publishing

The ebook publishing process can be a little bit tricky for an inexperienced author.

Why? Because if you don't know the necessary steps to correctly publish your site, you can even get scammed.

Don't get me wrong though. Not all editors are evil demons ready to eat you but you know, knowing the processes and all the possibilities is a very good thing!

Why an ebook and not a traditional book?

Mainly because the ebook market is growing at a very fast pace and you can profit nicely from it. Read this article if you want more in depth data about the growing of the ebooks market.

Furthermore if you publish your book in an ebook format, that doesn't mean that you can't publish it in a paperback one.

Ebook publishing process takes place only after you wrote your book in a word processor format such as .doc. I'm saying this because there are many beginner writers that are worrying about their book being published even before that they write a paragraph!

Where to start?

Ok, let's start.

Once you finished writing your book (yes I'm repeating this on purpose :-D) you can start your journey through the ebook publishing process.

Suppose you have a medium length book named The Ultimate Fat Loss Program of about 250 pages. What you have to do now is a proofreading of the entire book.

This is a process in which you, or a service that you use, checks your text for errors and correct them.

There are some professional proofreading services that are very good and you can easily find them by googling proofreading services. What I want to show to you though, is that you can easily find a proofreader freelancer at a lower cost.

If you check here on Freelancer.com page, you'll find many freelancers that will proofread your ebook for a very low price and what it's wonderful is that the offered service is a professional service!

What am I supposed to do after the initial proofreading?

Well, you took an important step here.

After that you have your manuscript proofread you are ready to move to the next step.

Now you should create a cover for your ebook and it should be eye-catching and good to see. I am a big fan of freelancers so I recommend you to hire one of them to make a professional looking cover for your ebook. Click here to hire a freelancer.

Formatting your ebook nicely

An ebook author can't skip this phase even if it's the most annoying of all the process.

You don't need any particular tool here, you only need your text editor and a huge amount of patience.

Sites that can help you formatting your ebook:

Kindle Formatting

Where can I sell my ebook now?

Now you should think about the market and about your ebook. Do you want it to be sold all around the world and on multiple platforms (I'm talking about iBooks, Nook's marketplace and last but not least Amazon?

Well you should really consider that opportunity. You can sell your ebook directly on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing service.

Why using Amazon.com? Because it is the most used and fast growing shop all over the world, that's why.

Even if you're publishing your first ebook you'll get many benefits when joining the KDP service. Not only that, you'll receive the 70% of the royalties on your ebook!

It is a huge sum. Consider that with a traditional book you only get the 8/10% of the book cost.

You can also publish your ebook by choosing one of the many publishing services. The most known is probably Smashwords.

It is a very nice service that allows you to sell your ebook through multiple shops and receive a nice amount of royalties, about the 60%. They'll do all the hard work for you though. From the purchasing of an ISBN number to contacting all of the ebook shops available.

The next steps

Ebook publishing is a very huge argument and it should be treated in depth to cover all the process, that's why i sub-divided it into smaller pages.

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