What is an ebook?

What is an ebook?

Ebook stands for Electronic Book and it is the equivalent of paperback books. The only difference is that the ebook is digitalized and it is portable and very user friendly.

The benefits of ebooks are not only those listed above though. Downloading ebooks is much more simple than trying to find the paperback copy in a local library.

Even if you usually buy paper books on an e-shop you experience some limits due to the physicality of the good. You have to wait for the order to be processed, your good to be shipped and your book to arrive to your mailbox. The problem is that sometimes the good that arrives to your mailbox isn't the one you bought or, in the worst cases, it never arrives.

So, what are the advantages of having an ebook instead of a traditional book?

All the Benefits of Choosing an Ebook Over a Traditional Book

Let's start with the process of buying an ebook:

  1. You browse through an online catalog for a book that catch your interest
  2. You read some reviews about that book
  3. You decide if it's worth the investment
  4. You buy it and it is automatically delivered to your device

Isn't it simpler and faster? There are no waiting time, no shipping costs, no human errors. You instantly get what you were looking for.

By the way the main benefit of having ebooks instead of books is space. If you're in a small apartment you won't have too much space and you won't clutter it with books.

Ebooks are coming to the rescue. You can store as many as you want in an ebook reader, as long as you have available memory.

Yes but what about the note-taking process? How am I supposed to take notes on an ebook reader?

You can also take note on an ebook reader and the process is as fast and effective as a "normal" note-taking.

One of the things that i personally love though is the Table of Contents. With a click or by pressing a button you'll have your ToC at your complete disposal. You can read through the book skimming the parts that you don't want to bother with.

Furthermore you can highlight the salient parts of a particular paragraph without any problem.

Let me say another thing. You'll have thousands of free ebooks to choose from. Check these pages to discover how to download free ebooks: public domain ebooks, free ebooks online.

3 Simple Steps That Could Save You Time and Money

After learning what is an ebook it's time to apply this knowledge.

In a time in which economic crisis is consuming all the resources there is only one investment that will guarantee your future success: education.

When it comes to education one should not be concerned to spend money. Nevertheless it is a very bad moment to waste them. So how can you save your time and money? Here's how:

  1. Buy an ebook reader. There is plenty of ebook readers out there choose one carefully. If you don't know how to choose one check here: Ebook Reader
  2. Downloadfree ebookspublic domain ebooks
  3. Check the prices of the ebooks you want to buy on the major online store such as the ones listed below.

Cheapest Ebook Stores


Amazon.com is the best place to purchase ebook readers and ebooks at a very low price. Given the size of the store it's almost impossible to find a lower price.


On Free-Ebooks.net you can download 5 ebooks for free per week.

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