How To Find The Best Ebook Reviews

When it comes to buy a new ebook are you the time that skims through the ebook reviews before getting your hands dirty?

Well you are right. Wasting your time and your hard earned money is not a nice thing.

So how can you find the best reviews on the net?

The answer is pretty straight foreword: just continue reading!

The Top 3 Sources For Your Ebook Reviews

  1. : This is absolutely a goldmine of reviews. Each user can review a particular book and give it a star rating, just like the one that Amazon gives to its products.
    The best thing of this site though is that it is not a direct ebook seller so there are much less fake reviews than other sites. So if you want to read some reviews about an ebook, this can be a good point to start!
  2. ebook shop : Another great source of information about ebooks is the Amazon Kindle Store in which there are tons of ebook reviews. There's a common beliefs about amazon's reviews that wants them to be fake. That's not true. After you bought a book you can too write a feedback on the site and it will be published even if it is an harsh critic to the book itself.
  3. : You probably heard about Nytimes, don't you?
    Well in this link you'll find many professional book reviews so that you can make the final choice when buying a book.

How To Understand If A Review Is Worth Reading Without Wasting 1 Minute

Obviously there are other sites and sources in which you can find book reviews but I listed only those who were worth checking.

However, sometimes happens that it's difficult to find a good and reliable review.

How can you discern those who are good and those who aren't?

  • Check the domain's name: yes you understood well, check the url of the website you're reading. If it's something like then be careful as it might be a site which purpose is only to sell this book.
  • See the tone and the language that is being used: be particularly cautious for the extremes in this field. What do I mean for extremes? If a review uses a particularly researched vocabulary or if the tone is a very detached one it might be a shallow review; obviously the same applies for the contrary.
  • The more users can post their review on a particular book, the more the source is reliable.

Even if you can find very good reviews thanks to the sites that I posted above don't be too conditioned from them. Sometimes it is better to read the ebook or the book right away even if the reviews are not so good as they always have something to teach us.

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