Ebook reader

What is an ebook reader or an eReader?

An ebook reader is a new device that allows you to read, store and download new ebooks.

Is it difficult to choose a good eReader?

Not at all if you have the right information and you valued pros and cons. By the way you're going to find all the information you need just a few paragraphs below from here.

To effectively choose an ereader you should consider:

  1. The device technical specs
  2. The dimensions and the weight of the device itself
  3. The batteries duration
  4. If the display is an e-ink display or if it is a backlighting lcd
  5. If it accepts all the ebook formats, such as .epub, .pdf, .mobi (only Amazon devices)
  6. If it has a color display or if it is a black and white display (this affect the quality of your reading time and the battery life as seen in this article)

If you feel overwhelmed by those information, you're going to understand everything in a moment.

Ebook reader technical specs

When buying a new device, such as a new smart phone or in our case an ebook reader, take a look at the technical specs.

The first thing you don't want to do is buying an obsolete model of the device. Therefore just look at the specs in the technical data sheet or, if you're buying from an online shop, at the page with all the technical details (if you want to know where it is better to purchase your own eReader just take a look here).

Here you will find most of the things that i specified above such as battery life, battery consumption, System Requirements, weight, type of port to connect to your computer, type of connectivity (most of the new, if not all, eReaders has WiFi connection available).

However the things that we are going to look at in this step are:

  • system requirements
  • type of connectivity
  • type of port

System Requirements nowadays are very few, since most of the eReaders are “plug and play” devices.

Plug and play means that once you connect your eReader with your usb port, you're done. Hence in the system requirements section of the technical data you'll probably read: none or usb 2.0.

The type of connectivity that you are going to encounter more frequently is WI FI. For example if you buy an Amazon Kindle you'll have WIFI connection with which you can download new ebooks, search the internet or browse it.

In the technical data sheet you are also going to find the type of port that the device uses to connect to a computer and in most of the cases is a USB port. Since all of the laptops and the computers in the world has usb ports you'll have no problems.

Ebook reader dimensions and weight

If you are wondering how important is this part well it is indeed!

Imagine yourself reading The Lord of the Rings on your eReader heavy and large as a laptop. Probably it is a good physical exercise but it you want to have a good time reading take the weight of your ebook reader into account!

What is a good weight? A very good weight is less or equal 200g.

That won't change your experience while reading, or in case you're reading an Heptalogy you'll just thank God that you bought an ebook reader!

eReaders Memory

When purchasing a new eReader you'd better take a look at its storage capacity.

Most of the models, at the moment, have got at least 2Gb of storage capacity and you should not buy a device that has a lower internal memory.

Apart from Kindle, most of the eReaders have got also a microSD slot to increase memory size.

Battery Duration

I won't stress this point enough. Battery life is paramount!

If you're reading an ebook but your eReader suddenly switch off every 4 hours it's not a good thing.

On the technical specs look for battery duration because it must be specified. If not don't bother with buying that eReader.

Obviously battery duration depends on some factor. The most important is what kind of display the device is using. If it is a backlighting lcd display you'll battery will last faster, else if the device is using an e-ink display it'll probably last longer.

Display type

This part entirely depends on your flavor.

Do you like a backlighting lcd display or do you want a paper like display (e-ink)?

The only thing that it possibly differentiates those two kind of display is sunlight and reading time.

If you like reading outdoor, under the sunbeams or maybe at the seaside, you don't want your display to reflect sunlight, or you won't read anything. Well the e-ink display is for you for he don't have a back light. That also applies for the ones who reads for many hours (2-4 hours) without breaks because your eyes will get tired faster with a backlit display.

If you read during your free time and you don't read for too long you'll probably go for an LCD display.

The advantages here are that you can read wherever you want to read. Just not expose your display to sunbeams to avoid reflection and you'll be ok. If you read for long times though consider taking an e-ink for it is less stressful for your eyes.

Ebook formats

Most of the ebook readers reads epub because it is the standard open source format.

However, if you buy an Amazon Kindle, you'll download your ebooks in a mobi format which is the proprietary Amazon format for ebooks. In addition, you can find some ebooks in pdf format which is very unpractical to handle.

Don't be afraid though.

You can convert ebooks from a format to another if you need to using some programs. Check this link if you want to know how to do it.

What is important to not here is that when you buy your ebook reader look at the formats it reads so that when you buy or download free ebooks you'll get the right format.

Color or black and white display?

Again, it depends on your need and your flavor.

Do you also want to browse the internet for news, emails and so on? Or do you need your eReader only to read ebooks?

If you are not sure about it yet consider taking a color display. Kindle fire, Nook color, rooCase and so on are the right choice for you.

Conversely if you only want to read ebooks and you don't mind about pictures go for a black and white display. Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader are for you.


Bookmark this page and when choosing your ebook reader just skim through all the points listed to make a good purchase.

There isn't only a right choice for everyone.

Below you'll find an in-depth look at each of the ebook readers that you can buy. To get a clearer idea of what you want read each review and then take your decision. Remember: choose wise because you deserve the best, do not waste your hard earned money.

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