Sony ebook reader

Fortunately in the eReader jungle it's easy to find a very good device... If you know where to look!

A sony ebook reader is one of the best choice you can make when buying an ebook reader. If you don't know what is an ebook reader I encourage you to take a look at this page.

Currently there are two models:

  1. PRS-T1
  2. PRS-T2

They haven't any substantial difference speaking of hardware but the PRS-T2 has been improved and tweaked a lot. Therefore if you're planning to buy a Sony ebook reader I suggest you to buy the PRS-T2.

Sony ebook reader

In depth technical specs

Talking about the technical aspects of the sony ebook reader you'll probably note that it has a very essential design.

Both the model are touch screen that's why they come with a little touch pen inside of the box.

On of the thing that can possibly be annoying is the position of the arrow keys. You'll find them on the bottom of the screen.

That isn't a huge issue but sometimes can be really frustrating.

Are you wondering about battery life? Well do not be afraid because you'll have 100 hours of battery life!

You'll be able to take notes while reading and to check vocabularies for particular words. One thing that is to notice is the low initial memory that is only 1.3GB that is about 1200 books. I think it's enough for an average reader but you won't be able to store your personal library on your device though.

If you want to keep more ebooks in your device you can buy a MicroSD card up to 32gb.

The two devices are able to connect via Wi-fi.


The two models has a 6" E-Ink pearl display with a resolution of 800x600 so that you can read in every circumstance, even under direct sunlight and it won't reflect anything.

Sony ebook reader pros

What are the advantages of buying a Sony ebook reader?

  1. It is very light 168g (PSR-T1)/164g (PSR-T2)
  2. You'll have access to every format of ebook (except .mobi)
  3. You can add more memory by buying a MicroSD
  4. It has a wide and nice display
  5. It has a very high battery life

Sony ebook reader

If you are still uncertain about making a purchase don't rush!

Continue reading some other ebook reader reviews on this site. You'll find them below. You'll also find some ebook readers comparison so that you'll be able to confront models and their features/tech specs.

Otherwise if you feel confident about making the step check in this page where to buy eReaders at a low and competitive cost.

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