Ebook Publishers 101

Welcome to the crash course on ebook publishers! Get ready to know many new and important things about them.

In the language of marketing, what good will your product be of if it doesn’t get to your customers? In other words, if you are an ebook writer, how are you going to let your reader audience have access to your ebook without getting it published?

The channel of delivery of your product is one of the most important step of marketing your product. In case of electronic books, publishers are the channel of delivery.

Therefore, the publishers of electronic books actually serve as a medium through which the ebook writer can sell his or her ebook to the relevant customers.

Types of Ebook Publishers

If you are planning to be an electronic book writer, you need to learn about the publishers who will be willing to publish your ebook to readers that serve as your target segment.

There are different types of ebook publishers available online.

Before selecting a publisher, you need to figure out your ebook writing phase. The types of publishers are written below along with the explanation of each type in relation to different writing phases.

  1. Free Publishers: This type of publishers are ideal for new or budding writers. Thus if you have just entered the world of ebook writing, and you have limited financial resources you can opt for free publishers.
    Thus these publishers are ideal for electronic book writers who are in their initial writing phase.

  2. Silver Publishers: The silver ebook publishers are defined as silver here as they have a systematic process of publishing ebooks. While some of these publishers might charge a minimal amount, most of them are free.
    The silver publishers require a prior ebook written by the as a source of authentication. Also there is a small committee that approves whether the ebook should be published or not. This is ideal for writers that are in their experience gaining phase.

  3. Gold Publishers: These publishers are ideal for expert writers or writers who are in their “expertise obtaining” phase. All of them will charge a certain amount for publishing your ebook.
    They also consist of a committee who will analyze the quality of the ebook and determine whether the electronic book is worth publishing or not.

  4. Platinum Publishers: These publishers are idea for preferred and expert ebook writers or writers who are in their maturity phase.
    They will charge you but they will also publish your ebook in a way that it reaches the right ebook audience.

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