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There are other sites in which you can download free ebooks online.

Have you liked public domain ebooks page?

Here we go again.

On you can find some of the most interesting novels of all the time in a digital format. The project is interesting, it is a crowdfunding platform in which, by giving to them some dollars, they can "unglue" a certain book and give it without any cost to everyone through their site.


If you're searching for a legal search engine I can give you a suggestion:

It is a nice search engine and spider that crawls many sites searching for ebooks. While it's tempting to use a search engine to find a particular title for free, it is not a good method. Even Google sometimes doesn't find some ebooks that are on the net because they are not indexed.

So if you want to find the best available free ebooks online just keep going reading this article.

Another great site to find great documents, very nice How to Guides and info material is By uploading some interesting files (legal material only) you gain access to their huge database of documents.

Google's Play

By the way if you want one of the best services available go into Google Play's website and start downloading all of their gratis ebooks. To see which titles are available without charge click here. As Amazon, Google offers many ebooks. Above all Google is adding many others costless titles every month.


In the next few days I'll post many other links in which you'll find free ebooks online.

If you don't find your title chargeless on any site don't despair. You can see if it is in the database, where you can download 5 books per week for free.

Still if you don't find your ebook in the sites above, look below into the list of many cheap online ebooks store.

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