Free ebook library: an introduction

What's a free ebook library? Is it just like a physical library or is it different?

If this question popped out in your mind you're in the right page. At the end of this article you'll perfectly know what ebooks libraries are and how to use them.

Nowadays on the net you can easily find some directories plenty of free ebooks for you to download but, most of them, are not even worth checking.


  • They hotlink other sites free ebooks directly
  • They offer Copyrighted ebooks for free, and it's illegal
  • Those sites are made to profit from your visit, not to provide you with useful information
  • Sometimes when downloading a file you'll also download spywares, malwares, viruses and keyloggers

So what are the best sites to check for finding free ebooks?

Wanna Free Ebooks? Try free ebook library!

That's when you should check for a free ebook library.

But which are the ones you can trust? Don't worry, I already thought about that.

Here's is a hint for you. If you want to know which library you can trust check and on the search box insert the url of that website. You'll see some bars that goes from red to green. Obviously if they are red do not trust that website. If they are green you can easily trust that site. Else, if they are in the middle, usually you can trust the site.

If you want you can even download a chrome extension or a firefox plugin:

  1. Web of trust Chrome extension - Download page
  2. Web of trust Firefox plugin - Download page

Best online libraries

So if you're still asking what these libraries are, they are simply a directory of ebooks that you can download. You can search through them via a search box or usually you can navigate them by using categories.

This is one of my favorite ebook library in which you can find many free ebooks to download.

You can skim through the categories, you can search ebooks by name and you've got many filters at your disposal (popular ebooks, most downloaded and so on).

Another awesome free ebook library. You've all the features of the average ebook library, search box, categories etc but you also have the possibility to buy some very interesting ebooks.

Offline libraries

If you want to catalog your downloaded ebooks offline you can use a software to do that.

The most used software for this purpose is Calibre. Calibre allows you to list, convert, send, share your downloaded ebooks.

To learn how to use calibre visit this page.

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